Technology that simplifies how you research the financial markets 

our Research Assistant empowers you to conduct statistical research, without delay and excess cost


TradeRiser works quickly to answer all of your statistical market questions. Speed up your research production cycle.


TradeRiser lets you conduct statistical forms of research through the power of natural language querying. This natural approach to the financial markets will enable you to test more trading ideas and explore the market with ease.


Current financial market report creation, often takes multiple steps. Data sourcing, data ingestion, data cleansing, computation and report creation. TradeRiser allows you to research through a single step process, "just ask".

Discover how TradeRiser can empower your Research

Success in the financial markets is increasingly about great technology.
With a research assistant you will be empowered in your trading and market knowledge. Explore ideas never thought possible all with the power of natural language and artificial intelligence.

Dive deeper into Financial Market Data

  Gain Insights

  Identify Profitable Trades

  Interact with Market Data through our user friendly interface

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