TradeRiser's vision is to simplify human interaction with the financial markets.
Therefore our philosophy is "Let the machines do the work and let humans make the decisions"

Dennis Owusu-Ansah

CEO & Founderdennis_s.jpg

Dennis has years of experience in software development, pattern recognition and data analytics. He has worked for companies whose clients include some major banks, providing them with analytical software tools. He holds a BEng degree in Computer systems from Brunel University, London. He is the Creator, Founder and CEO of TradeRiser. Dennis' vision for TradeRiser stemmed from his desire to break into the financial trading space during his career journey.

Poly Aparku

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder


Poly has years of experience developing, integrating, and supporting large data systems in the consumer retail sector. He also has experience in robotic and image processing software. He holds a BEng from Brunel University, London. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at TradeRiser. He oversees all the technology infrastructure and drives software development.

Baltazar Bieniek

Data Scientist & Co-Founder


Baltazar has years of experience in large dataset analytics and machine learning. He has a degree in machine learning from the Military University of Technology Warsaw, Poland. He is a data-scientist and Co-founder at TradeRiser. He is responsible for the machine learning and pattern analysis technology stack.

Rocky Asante

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder


Rocky has years of experience as in UI/UX development and managing several teams of developers. He holds a computer science degree from University of Coventry. He is the Chief Engineer and Co-founder at TradeRiser Limited. He oversees user experience, user interaction, and API development.